Crochet spiral placemat with Tunisian crochet technique


When I first published this picture of a spiral in Tunisian crochet little did I know that it would become my most successful design to date. I first published it on my Instagram and Facebook feeds, and it boomed, literally. I remember I couldn't access my Instagram right after publishing, because of the activity this picture was generating! And it received a similar warm welcome on Facebook, too. Finally, it became viral on Pinterest, bringing 100s of visitors to my blog through the years. And it was still a WIP! 

tunisian crochet spiral
tunisian crochet spiral

What makes this picture so impressive, I wonder? I am sure that the beautiful shade of the yarn I chose for my spiral ("Drops Delight" series, colour code 14, by DROPS DESIGN) highly contributed to its success. I love purple in all its shades: lilac, mauve, magenta, and I particularly love it when it is combined with some colours, like teal, yellow and green. Also, I think it was the first time that I took a picture using my rustic wood table as background (which has now become kind of a signature style for my pictures), and I find the contrast of the colours (purple shades on dark wood) is both beautiful and unusual. 

Finally, the design itself has proved a hit among crocheters. Tunisian crochet is less known and spread than standard crochet or knitting, people who know this technique and work with it are usually experienced crocheters, looking for something new, challenging and seldom seen. This gave me the idea (and encouragement) of finally starting writing my own patterns. And what a good idea it was!


So I finally did it! After the incredible success of this spiral crocheted in Tunisian stitch, the many views and visits and encouraging comments, I finally decided to make a simple table placemat and write the PATTERN for it. You can find it here: 


To make things easier, I finally uploaded a video tutorial on my YouTube channel "Hookloopsarah Crochet", showing the beginning steps (the trickiest ones) of this technique. You can find it HEREThe pattern may seem a little tricky at the beginning, but once you get the grip of it, it runs smoothly and you can work on autopilot. Most of all, I believe I was able to create a pattern that is easy to follow and understand (I already sold it hundreds of times with no complaints!). Go check it yourself, if you like!

tunisian crochet spiral
tunisian crochet spiral

(If you like this design, you may be interested in this pillow cover, made with the same spiraling technique: SPIRAL PILLOW TUNISIAN)
tunisian crochet spiral
tunisian crochet spiral


  1. Adoro i tuoi meravigliosi pattern, peccato non avere il tempo di imparare ad uncinettare!


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