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"Queen of spades" cropped cardigan in Tunisian Crochet

THE MAKING OF A LOVELY CARDIGAN IN TUNISIAN CROCHET In the last little while, as you may have noticed, I have been working on an ambitious project: the creation of a Tunisian crochet garment, using a leaf motif (or "spades", as I preferred to call it) already seen in some wonderful knitting projects. First, I thought about replicating the spade pattern in Tunisian crochet, which was not difficult, as I have created similar patterns before - you can find them, for example, in these projects of mine: Leaf it On Shawl , Leaf it On Scarf , Leaf it On Cowl .  Leaf it On Scarf Next, I thought it best to make a garment that had a simple workmanship, i.e. worked flat, and not in the round, to avoid, at least initially, over-complicating the design. A cardigan, therefore, was the best choice. Next, I chose a yarn that I liked and opted for a fine multicoloured yarn. This was the result: "QUEEN OF SPADES" - THE CAL! I liked the finished garment very much, and so did you, whic

Fluffy beanie!

When my mother in law gave me skeins and skeins of this fluffy and colourful yarn a couple of years ago, I was very happy (as I always am when someone gives me yarn as a gift :-D ) at first, but then I realized that it was quite difficult to crochet (you can't see the stitches, so you practically have to work "blind"), and its texture felt a bit funny and "hairy", somehow...but then I had the perfect idea: a beanie for kids!! So what do you say? Find it in my shop at a suuuuuper price: hat



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