Arm knitting wool blanket

This is a super creative period, for me. I am doing new things, finally I got started with patterns, I am having some good results, at last... Maybe the reason for it is that I always find new things to do with crochet that inspire me, new challenges, and that's what really makes me happy :-). Having said this, you know I did some arm knitting in the past (infinity scarves), but what I really wanted was try it seriously with that beautiful thick wool I hadn't tried sofar. And now I did! This mini blanket (86x60 cm) was knitted using 3 strands of big wool yarn at the same time, and changing colour in the middle. I am quite happy with the result! What do you say? I could put on a pattern for it soon, so watch out ;-). For now, the item is available in my shop: blanket


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