New PATTERN! Spiral pillow cover in Tunisian Crochet


Remember my famous spiral placemat in Tunisian crochet? That pattern (you can find it in my Etsy shop, alongside with many other creative patterns, here: MY PATTERNS) has turned out to be by far my most successful one. I really loved creating it, so I thought to expand from there and develop this “3D” version of a spiral pillow, or pillow cover, in Tunisian crochet: 

Again, as you can see, I have chosen a gradient, self-striping yarn for this project: I used ICE Yarns' Blues Batik series, in Blue Shades, about 1 ball (100 g), but you can try any other yarn of your choice. Yes, I do love it when the yarn colour unwinds and changes when I'm crocheting, but I also think that the spiraling motif is best enhanced by changing shades, don't you think? Best of all would probably be a yarn colour that goes from a darker to a lighter shade progressively. Can you imagine how hypnotizing this would look?! Does a similar yarn exist at all? If yes, I MUST try it!



Another reason why I love how this spiral cushion turned out is that it reminds me of a shell, somehow. Maybe, again, this is thanks to the yarn shade I chose. This gives me a new idea: next time I could crochet progressively larger rows and try and make a "Shell-formed pillow", like this:


So if you like this design and would like to give it a try, just follow this link here: SPIRAL PILLOW


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