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"Queen of spades" cropped cardigan in Tunisian Crochet

THE MAKING OF A LOVELY CARDIGAN IN TUNISIAN CROCHET In the last little while, as you may have noticed, I have been working on an ambitious project: the creation of a Tunisian crochet garment, using a leaf motif (or "spades", as I preferred to call it) already seen in some wonderful knitting projects. First, I thought about replicating the spade pattern in Tunisian crochet, which was not difficult, as I have created similar patterns before - you can find them, for example, in these projects of mine: Leaf it On Shawl , Leaf it On Scarf , Leaf it On Cowl .  Leaf it On Scarf Next, I thought it best to make a garment that had a simple workmanship, i.e. worked flat, and not in the round, to avoid, at least initially, over-complicating the design. A cardigan, therefore, was the best choice. Next, I chose a yarn that I liked and opted for a fine multicoloured yarn. This was the result: "QUEEN OF SPADES" - THE CAL! I liked the finished garment very much, and so did you, whic


We all love hearts, don’t we? Just imagine an explosion of 3d hearts on a crochet runner, as table décor, in all rainbow colours, a crochet runner to be used on special occasions, with special guests (maybe at Christmas?). Done? Now imagine a crochet pattern that allows you to create that crochet runner with relief hearts yourself… wait! Stop imagining it, because I’ve already done it for you. But let me tell you something about this project first.

Crochet Pattern Heart Runner

Mini skeins in all rainbow colours

In may 2018 I was the lucky winner of a fantastic Giveaway on Instagram held by the yarn brand YARN AND COLORS. I received a complete set of 100 “Must-Have-Minis” yarn skeins from them, in all available shades. After long reflection and some experiments, I decided to use all mini skeins to create the design of this runner. I wanted to maintain the beautiful rainbow effect, so I used all skeins one after the other, in the right gradient colour (luckily for me, I received a colour chart with colour codes from YARN AND COLORS, too). In the end, I actually created two identical runners, one in warm colours, one in cold shades. I must confess I didn’t know what my work would become until the very end: I just liked the pattern and loved how the colours unwound. When I finished both panels, I thought of sewing them together and make a “temperature blanket”, for example; I wrapped the pieces around me and they looked beautiful as stolas, too. I even thought of making curtains out of them, they would be just the right width! But in the end, I think they just look perfect as table decoration. Remember my festive table cloth? Even though it has no specific Christmas theme I find my “Flying Hearts” crochet runner would look great at Christmas, too.

Crochet Pattern Heart Runner

Hearts everywhere

As for the “heart” theme: did I already mention how much I love hearts? They are some kind of obsession, for me, they even recur in my works (remember my heart bolster cushion cover? And my small heart lapghan?), and it’s not that I am very romantic (ok, maybe I am a bit), but I just love their rounded form, I guess. Who doesn’t?

Crochet Pattern Heart Runner

The Pattern

A crochet pattern for a runner is rather unusual, isn’t it? As I said, in the end you can decide to make what you want out of this design because, as you will see, the pattern is modular and, once you get the grip of counts and repetitions, it will be extremely easy for you to adjust length and width of the piece to your own wishes. Don’t be scared by the amount of yarn indicated in the pattern: the runners I crocheted are very long (228 cm), but that’s because I wanted to use all skeins. You can choose to use the yarn you prefer, of course: I think any gradient yarn would produce an amazing result, in fact. It is a long pattern (hard work for me to make it easier for you!), but just because I included many pictures explaining every step, close-ups and photos of the finished runner.

Crochet Pattern Heart Runner

Where to find the pattern

So if you want to give it a try, you can find my crochet pattern in my Etsy shop, on my RavelryCraftsy and LoveCrochet pages. Oh, and if you are curious about me and what I do, you can find all my links here: Hookloopsarah Crochet

Crochet Pattern Heart Runner


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