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"Queen of spades" cropped cardigan in Tunisian Crochet

THE MAKING OF A LOVELY CARDIGAN IN TUNISIAN CROCHET In the last little while, as you may have noticed, I have been working on an ambitious project: the creation of a Tunisian crochet garment, using a leaf motif (or "spades", as I preferred to call it) already seen in some wonderful knitting projects. First, I thought about replicating the spade pattern in Tunisian crochet, which was not difficult, as I have created similar patterns before - you can find them, for example, in these projects of mine: Leaf it On Shawl , Leaf it On Scarf , Leaf it On Cowl .  Leaf it On Scarf Next, I thought it best to make a garment that had a simple workmanship, i.e. worked flat, and not in the round, to avoid, at least initially, over-complicating the design. A cardigan, therefore, was the best choice. Next, I chose a yarn that I liked and opted for a fine multicoloured yarn. This was the result: "QUEEN OF SPADES" - THE CAL! I liked the finished garment very much, and so did you, whic


I know what you are thinking: “I AM curious about Tunisian crochet, and I would like to try it, but I don’t want to buy new tools to work it, because I already have enough knitting needles and crochet hooks lying around at home as it is!”

Tunisian Crochet hooks
Tunisian Crochet

True, in order to work Tunisian crochet you will normally need a specific hook, but I’ve got news for you: a regular crochet hook will do, too, for many projects! A simple crochet hook in any size you like will allow you to learn Tunisian crochet and start practicing with it easily and comfortably, without any extra expenses. That’s already a good starting point, isn’t it? I love short, light-weight, handy crochet hooks, so I confess that I always prefer them over a Tunisian hook, if the project allows it. In fact, I have already created many beautiful Tunisian crochet patterns that can be worked with a simple crochet hook, like my spiral centerpiece, the ten-stitch-bag, but even simple scarves, or any project with the "entre-lac" technique.

Tunisian Crochet Spiral
Tunisian Crochet Spiral


Tunisian Crochet Hooks
Tunisian Crochet Hooks

Having said that, there are a number of specific Tunisian crochet hooks that are quite useful for different projects.
  •         The traditional Tunisian hook (B) looks like a regular crochet hook but is longer and has a stopper at the end. It is available in different lengths and is easy to find at very affordable prices. The reason we need a longer hook than the regular crochet hook to work Tunisian is – as you will soon find out – that stitches are cast on the hook as you work (like in knitting), so you need more space for them when you create bigger projects. Shawls, scarves, pillowcases, etc, can be easily worked with this kind of hook.
  •          For bigger projects, such as blankets, sweaters, and similar, you might need a cabled Tunisian hook (D), a hook with a flexible cable in different lengths at its end (fixed or detachable) that allows you to cast on a considerable amount of stitches.
  •          To work Tunisian crochet “in the round”, as for hats, cowls, socks, etc., you will need a double-pointed Tunisian hook (C), also available in different sizes and lengths, or a set of two hooks joined by a flexible cable (E), for larger projects “in the round”.
  •       For smaller projects requiring a small amount of stitches, or for practicing purposes, you can easily use a standard crochet hook (A) (one with no thumb grip and that has the same size from hook to tip).


There really are no more excuses to start learning Tunisian crochet, are there? So grab your Tunisian hook – or just your regular crochet hook – and get ready for the first practical lesson!



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