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"Queen of spades" cropped cardigan in Tunisian Crochet

THE MAKING OF A LOVELY CARDIGAN IN TUNISIAN CROCHET In the last little while, as you may have noticed, I have been working on an ambitious project: the creation of a Tunisian crochet garment, using a leaf motif (or "spades", as I preferred to call it) already seen in some wonderful knitting projects. First, I thought about replicating the spade pattern in Tunisian crochet, which was not difficult, as I have created similar patterns before - you can find them, for example, in these projects of mine: Leaf it On Shawl , Leaf it On Scarf , Leaf it On Cowl .  Leaf it On Scarf Next, I thought it best to make a garment that had a simple workmanship, i.e. worked flat, and not in the round, to avoid, at least initially, over-complicating the design. A cardigan, therefore, was the best choice. Next, I chose a yarn that I liked and opted for a fine multicoloured yarn. This was the result: "QUEEN OF SPADES" - THE CAL! I liked the finished garment very much, and so did you, whic

NEW Crochet Armrest Covers

Today I go back to a rather popular topic in my activity: crochet armrest covers. I have noticed that this product is stirring great interest, both among crocheters, and among those who are simply looking for a decoration asset that can brighten up their living rooms, giving new life and freshness to furniture that is no longer new or protecting sofas and armchairs from damage, wear or dirt. In fact, as you will remember, I have created a series of highly customisable crochet armrest covers (you find them all HERE), suitable for square or rounded armrests, using different styles ("Corner2Corner" and Granny Square, for example). Finally, I also created a pattern to allow anyone who knows how to crochet to make their own “granny square” armrest covers by themselves (CROCHET PATTERN).


Maybe I haven't told you one thing, though: did you know, in fact, that most of these styles of armrest covers were born thanks to the different customisation requests of those who commissioned them to me? All different requests arise from different needs, but obviously these needs must be common to many people, because every new style and design I introduced has been successful. I learned my lesson, therefore, and I decided to develop new styles of crochet armrest covers to broaden my proposal and meet every possible request. For example, how about a floral themed crochet armrest cover, with a colourful central puff stitch pattern on a neutral background? Here is my creation: CROCHET ARMREST COVER IN PUFF STITCH.

crochet armrest cover


With the intent of protecting furniture from scratches and bites from our beloved domestic friends, I was asked several times in the past to make a crochet armrest cover that would cover the armrest entirely, reaching down to the ground. Now, this is a type of armrest cover which is not suitable for any type of armrest, but here's what I made for my sofa at home (and it works!! My cats would no longer scratch on the sofa post): LONG ASYMMETRICAL CROCHET ARMREST COVER. This type of crochet armrest cover is suitable for armrests of regular shape, that is to say for sofas with posts that have more or less the same width from top to bottom.

crochet armrest cover

Over time I have made some bespoke crochet items to cover tea tables, piano benches, lately even an ottoman footrest. I therefore decided to expand my range and also add this type of product to my shop. Here, for example, is the crochet ottoman cover I recently made to measure: CROCHET OTTOMAN COVER.

crochet ottoman cover

I really like the idea of ​​being able to create something unique, decorative and also useful, at the same time. Just as I love knowing that something I created with my hands, in hours of work and commitment, has found a home on the other side of the world: it's like bringing a part of me there, and it gives me enormous satisfaction.


  1. So happy to read this! Check out my pattern, in case. I even made a cover that goes to the floor, and it works! 😊


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