Long time, no see from me, I know! But here I am, back with some exciting news: in November 2021 I started a collaboration with Hobbii Yarns, the famous Danish yarn company we all know and love. This means I will be publishing crochet projects on their site and - guess what? - they will be totally FREE for you to download. 

pillow cover in tapestry crochet
pillow cover in tapestry crochet


The very first project I made for Hobbii was something I had in mind for awhile, a technique I wanted to use again after years: tapestry crochet. Tapestry crochet is one of the few techniques you can use to create pixelated designs with crochet, juxtaposing different yarns in different colours - a bit like cross stitch. It is not a difficult technique, but it requires some patience, since you need to carry several different strands of yarn at once. I even made a video tutorial on tapestry crochet some time ago (you find it here: TAPESTRY CROCHET), and I created a colourful "wall carpet" (WALL ART ).


For this project in tapestry crochet I started from the design and only later decided I would make a pillow cover with it. This is the design:

I decided to name it "Heart full of Joy". Also, since I have a small obsession with ombre, self-striping yarns, I decided to use Hobbii's beautiful "Carnival" range for the heart motifs, while using a soft grey as background colour ("Amigo XL"). The final result was this jumbo pillow cover:

pillow cover in tapestry crochet
pillow cover in tapestry crochet

Both sides of the pillow cover are identical, but the colours change slightly, since they are gradually blending, so you will never get bored while working on this project. 😉

You can find the FREE pattern for this lovely and colourful pillowcase on Hobbii's site: FREE PATTERN OF PILLOW COVER.

Finally, to make everything easier for you, I even made a video tutorial showing the trickiest stages of this project. You find it here: VIDEO TUTORIAL FOR PILLOW COVER.

More free crochet (and TUNISIAN CROCHET) projects will soon be available for you to download on Hobbii's site. So stay tuned!


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