My search for new and original Tunisian crochet designs continues. My inspiration - as you have certainly understood by now - are the sinuous lines and the fantastic plays of colour that can be obtained in brioche knitting and brioche crochet.

New Tunisian crochet Designs

From this research came the two projects I show you today: my “Outlandish” capelet and the poncho with cuffs. Both projects are created top-down, using Tunisian "in the round" and basic Tunisian stitches, namely the Tunisian Simple stitch, the Purl stitch, the Rib stitch, and cleverly using increases and decreases to create the sinuous effect at the same time. But let's see them in detail.


The project starts from a ribbed, slightly turtle-neckline and continues with gradual increases until it reaches the given width, then proceeding with the sinuous design. The item is created in one size (Width: 66 cm / 26", Length: 40 cm / 15.7"), using a 5 mm Tunisian crochet hook (either double pointed or circular) and Hobbii Yarns' Amigo XL yarn in colour Walnut as main colour and Universe XL in Blaze Star colour as secondary yarn. It is a simple and fast project, but with an impressive result. Find the FREE PATTERN HERE.

New Tunisian crochet Designs


The poncho with short sleeves is made with the same procedure as the cape, but it is longer (approx. 73 cm) and the sleeves are added at the end. This garment comes also in one size, and is also made with a 5 mm Tunisian crochet hook (double pointed or circular). The yarns I used are the mustard-coloured Baby Key as main yarn and the Versace-coloured Wilson as secondary yarn, both by Tessiland. The pattern of the poncho can be found HERE.

New Tunisian crochet Designs

My research does not end there! Soon I will be writing to you about new, exciting projects with new stitches and new Tunisian crochet designs. Don't miss them!


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