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"Queen of spades" cropped cardigan in Tunisian Crochet

THE MAKING OF A LOVELY CARDIGAN IN TUNISIAN CROCHET In the last little while, as you may have noticed, I have been working on an ambitious project: the creation of a Tunisian crochet garment, using a leaf motif (or "spades", as I preferred to call it) already seen in some wonderful knitting projects. First, I thought about replicating the spade pattern in Tunisian crochet, which was not difficult, as I have created similar patterns before - you can find them, for example, in these projects of mine: Leaf it On Shawl , Leaf it On Scarf , Leaf it On Cowl .  Leaf it On Scarf Next, I thought it best to make a garment that had a simple workmanship, i.e. worked flat, and not in the round, to avoid, at least initially, over-complicating the design. A cardigan, therefore, was the best choice. Next, I chose a yarn that I liked and opted for a fine multicoloured yarn. This was the result: "QUEEN OF SPADES" - THE CAL! I liked the finished garment very much, and so did you, whic

"Bag in Japan" - Crochet Japanese Knot Bag


crochet japanese knot bag
crochet japanese knot bag

A Japanese Knot Bag is a simple, minimalist bag that typycally has one handle longer than the other, so that you can slide the longer handle through the shorter one to create the "knot" closure. 
Japanese Knot Bags are believed to have a long history deeply rooted in Japanese culture. Historically, these bags were made from traditional fabrics, often using kimono fabric scraps or other textiles to make them.

Since Japanese Knot Bags can be made in all kinds of fabrics, why not try crocheting them? This is in fact what I did. You may remember my Tunisian crochet Japanese Knot Bag, made in ombre-yarn using the so-called "Ten-Stitch-technique". I wrote about it in this blog post:


One of the most successful features of my Tunisian crochet bag, in addition to the fascinating ombre-color yarn, is definitely its spiral construction. Precisely this structure is the basis of my new Japanese Knot Bag "Bag in Japan" created in collaboration with Hobbii Yarns. Indeed, this bag too has a modular spiral construction: we start from the centre, using the darkest colour, gradually crocheting outwards, using lighter yarns each time. For this project I used the Single Crochet stitch only and its easiness makes it the perfect beginner-friendly project; yet its peculiar construction – the “Ten-Stitch” technique - and colour play also makes it a totally fun project for everyone!


If you want to try your hand at this easy project, you can find the free pattern HERE. This is a summary of the materials and information needed to complete the project:


1 skein of Friends Cotton 8/8 color 124 Black
1 skein of Friends Cotton 8/8 color 122 Anthracite

1 skein of Friends Cotton 8/8 color 120 Titanium

2 skein of Friends Cotton 8/8 color 119 Grey

2 skein of Friends Cotton 8/8 color 118 Silver

 Crochet hook 4.5 mm (US 7)

 Stitch Markers


Friends Cotton 8/8, Hobbii:
100% Cotton
50 g = 75 m


7 cm x 10 cm (2.8” x 4”) = 10 sts x 16 rows 


One Size


Width: 32 cm /


from short handle 25 cm / 9.8”

from long handle 42 cm / 16.5”

crochet japanese knot bag
crochet japanese knot bag


To complete the project and help you further in following the pattern, I have also created a video tutorial on my YouTube Channel Hookloopsarah Crochet that shows the salient (and trickiest) phases of the project. You can find it HERE.



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